Hop Bailey Co.

Established 1922

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Hop Bailey, Jr., MAI, SREA, CRE

Owner/Manager of Hop Bailey (est. 1922) since 1946, a Real Estate Appraisal-Consulting Firm. Formerly a general real estate business (listing, buying, selling) and general insurance agency.

Performed appraisals throughout Tennessee as well as twenty eastern states. However, the primary area is East Tennessee, Southeast Kentucky, Western North Carolina and Northern Georgia.

Attended Knoxville, Knox County Schools. Graduated from Knoxville Central High School and University of Tennessee. Completed many appraisal courses sponsored by the Appraisal Institute (which is a merger of the former American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Society of Real Estate Appraisers), Society of Real Estate Counselors, other real estate and appraisal courses at the University of Tennessee, as well as numerous seminars, conferences, etc. relative to appraisal counseling since 1947. Qualified as expert witness in State and FederalĀ  District Courts.

Memberships and Designations:

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, License No. CG-595

MAI – Member of Appraisal Institute– since 1056. Certificate No. 2303. Qualifications for memberships are completion of comprehensive courses, widely diversified experience and proven ability to appraise various types of real estate. Have served on several national committees. Past president, officer and directory of the Greater Tennessee Chapter.

SREA – Senior Real Estate Analystof the former Society of Real Estate Appraisers, now the Appraisal Institute. Certificate No. 137. Membership requirements are similar to MAI qualifications. National Board of Governors of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers 1965 – 1967,

CRE – Counselor of Real Estate – American Society of Real Estate Counselors, since 1966. National Board of Governors 1981 – 1985.

Knoxville Association of Realtors – since 1946. Past president, officer, and director. Also a member of the Tennessee and National Association of Realtors.

Business and Civic:

Director of Park National Bank from 1974 to 1983. Director of First American National Bank of Knoxville from 1983 – 1996.Director, Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, 1975. Vice-President, 1976 0 1977. Director, Better Business Bureau, 1975 – 1977. Metropolitan Planning Commission of Greater Knoxville-Knox County from 1969 – 1974. Chairman of Industrial Development Board of Knox County, 1978 – 1990.

Typical Appraisal – Counseling Clients:

Financial Institutions, Life Insurance Companies, Corporations, major oil companies, small firms, attorneys, CPA’s and individuals. Also, local, state and federal governmental agencies.