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A Knoxville appraiser is something everyone who is buying or selling a property needs. However, how do you know if the Knoxville appraiser that you hire is going to be completely honest about the home, especially if the other party is hiring the appraiser in Knoxville.

In the real estate game, it’s all about the appraisal. It is the key to everything else. Both sellers and buyers are in limbo until the Knoxville appraiser comes to the property, checks it out, and gives you a figure as to what he believes the property is worth. Nothing can happen until an appraisal report has been signed with an opinionated value of the property.

According to Hop Bailey, Knoxville’s oldest and most established real estate firm, two appraisers could appraise a property on the same day, come up with two different figures, and both be right. The reality is an appraiser’s opinion is formed by understanding the real estate market and data. For example, if a Knoxville appraiser comes in with a value that is unacceptable to the lender, the seller will have to raise or lower the price.

Remember, if you are selling, you are only as good as the neighborhood. Your neighborhood and your neighbors have an effect on the value of your home.

Hop Bailey understands that appraising requires a team of professional appraisers that can handle the workload. Some real estate agencies will do double duty asking underwriters to do the appraisals when they haven’t been properly trained.

One of the most important things to remember is that a property appraisal isn’t a home or property inspection. The inspector checks to make sure that the structure is sound and up to code while the appraiser looks at the house as it is now.

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