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Established 1922

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Hop Bailey, is the oldest, most dependable and most established real estate firm in Knoxville and can get your property sold as quickly as possible. Unlike those other real estate agencies in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Hop Bailey will attract the buyers that you want, instead of the buyers that have no interest in what you are selling.

Experienced and Educated

When you work with the team from Hop Bailey, you can be assured that your home is shown to all interested parties. Some real estate agencies will waste your time and the time of potential buyers. Not only does this prevent you from selling your new home, but it also prevents buyers from finding their dream property.

Expert Advice

Hop Bailey will list your property according to your specifics giving you expert advice on what will and won’t sell your property and that includes staging. Staging your home for a potential sale is vital if you don’t want your home sitting on the market for weeks, months, or even years.


The objective of staging is to make your home welcoming. You want potential buyers to envision the property as their own the minute they set eyes on your house. When you list your home with Hop Bailey, you and the stager will work together to find out what changes should be made, the time it will involve and anything else that you will need to stage your home for a quick sale. When you stage your home you are also more likely to get y our asking price.

Too much clutter, too many personal items and wild colors can throw a potential buyer off. Your stager from Hop Bailey will help you clear your possessions and a majority of the furniture so that the bones of the home shine through. A quick sale is eminent if you make the buyer think, “Wow, I could live here.”

If you plan to put your home on the market, contact the experienced real estate agents from Hop Bailey in Knoxville. You really can sell your home quicker than you think. Call or click for a consultation today.